Get America Working

Get America Working! is a non-profit national organization whose mission is to create 40 million jobs through structural changes in the U.S. economy.

Job Creation Tax Options - Summary

The GAW! study of job-creating tax options, including 26 available alternative taxes and tax expenditure reductions that offer a wide range of political choice and could be used to pay for payroll tax cuts, enabling elimination of payroll taxation without losing revenue. At modest rates, these alternatives could generate about twice the revenue currently generated by payroll taxes.

Engage People, Retire Things

Bill Drayton argues we don't have to choose between going off the debt cliff or accepting sky-high structural unemployment. Payroll tax shifting offers another choice: to create the jobs we need now without increasing taxes, debt or deficits.

Creating jobs is critical to the fight against climate change

To learn why creating jobs -- and not only green jobs -- is critical to the fight against climate change, see Bill Drayton's Huffington Post blog and this MIT Press Innovations Journal article.

The New Yorker on GAW!'s proposal

Hendrik Hertzberg's commentary focuses on GAW!'s proposal for cutting payroll taxes and replacing the revenue with taxes on "things that, unlike jobs, we want less rather than more of" such as pollution and energy waste. Of GAW!'s advocacy over the past 20 years, he writes, "It’s ambitious, it jumbles ideological and partisan preconceptions, and it represents the kind of change that great crises open political space for.
March 1, 2016
Burea of Nationa Affairs
Editor's Note:  This news story about a report on global payroll taxes states, "Not only could the high employer costs undermine efforts to cut unemployment, they could adversely affect real incomes, hamper labor market flexibility and make it very difficult for firms to take advantage of...
January 15, 2016
Boston Globe
Former Sectreatary of Energy Chu is one of a number of Republican and Democratic officials, scientists and economists calling for a revenue neutral carbon tax to address climate change.  He notes, " No new bureaucracies should be created to return the proceeds, and refund mechanisms can be...
January 1, 2016
Washington Monthly
Steven Hilll describes the changing US labor force with increasing numbers of workers being contract or "gig" workers with no benefits.  These workers have no company to pay half of their payroll taxes. They pay it all, furhter lowering their wages.

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November 17, 2009
"Engage People, Retire Things" Explains the Connection Between Unemployment and Climate Change, and How to Get the Jobs/Climate Synergy Working Positively William Drayton, board chair of the fuller employment policy group Get America Working!, and founder and CEO of...

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