Engage People, Retire Things

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Innovations Magazine
Bill Drayton

When we think about fighting climate change, we naturally focus first on its direct causes. If it is caused by carbon build-up, our first thought is to cut or offset greenhouse gas emissions. Our thinking then glides logically on to finding ways of doing so, especially adopting new energy techonolges and launching carbon trading markets (which are key to stimulating innovative solutions, to lowering cots of abatement, to helping end the north-south impasse).

All this is essential

But it is not enough. Safeguarding the environent requires other levers, levers that are simple, fast, potentially adept, highly powerful. This power can only come from shifting the balance of forces in the larger society, balances behond the limited circle of the problem's immediate constituents.

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Note: In this special Energy and Climate edition of Innovations magazine, Get America Working! founder Bill Drayton makes the case for a structural change in the U.S. economy that would encourage work and discourage energy waste and consumption of resources. At a time of massive unemployment and focus on upcoming climate negotiations in Copenhagen, he offers a path forward. For the article, click here.